DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection
Description :

DDoS protection, or Distributed Denial of Service protection, is a type of security solution that is designed to protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are a type of cyberattack in which an attacker seeks to make a network or system unavailable by flooding it with traffic from multiple sources. 

DDoS protection solutions typically involve the use of technologies and strategies to identify and filter out malicious traffic, and to allow legitimate traffic to pass through. These may include rate limiting, traffic shaping, and traffic filtering, as well as the use of specialized hardware and software to absorb and filter out malicious traffic. 

DDoS protection solutions can be deployed as standalone solutions or as part of a larger security management platform and can be used to protect networks of all sizes, from small business networks to large enterprise networks. They are an important part of a comprehensive security strategy, as they can help to protect against DDoS attacks and ensure the availability of critical networks and systems. 

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